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    Best Friend or Worst Enemy – Arnica Oil!

    Posted by angus on Jun 1, 2011 6:47:17 AM

    As I started reading about Arnica Oil I soon realised how powerful carrier oils are. Not only to heal but also the side effects they have if used incorrectly. So I am pleased I am taking the time to research and share some of my findings with you.

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    Amazonian Beauty - Andiroba Oil (Cold Pressed)

    Posted by angus on May 30, 2011 9:32:56 AM

    I have decided to look at carrier oils. This is a progression from sharing with you my personal battle with Eczema. Also because our customers ask about these wonderful oils as they grow in popularity. We have also found people’s interest in carrier oils, including mine is continually growing. Remember education and learning is all around us, it’s never ending. 

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    Topics: oils, Skincare & Ingredients

    Ancient Remedy, Modern Skin Miracle

    Posted by angus on Jul 17, 2010 1:08:28 AM

    Shea Butter is the fat extracted from the cold compression of the African Shea tree seeds.  This wonderful product has uses that are industrial, cosmetic, and medicinal in nature.  Traditionally, Africans used the Shea Butter for primarily for cooking and in medicinal compounds.  As more and more Western traders began to receive Shea and analyze its properties it became highly prized and lauded for its cosmetic uses.

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